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6 Reasons you should participate in clinical trials.

6 Reasons you should participate in clinical trials.

Clinical trials offer an opportunity to find better treatments and to know whether a new approach works well in people and is safe and which treatments or strategies work best for certain illnesses or groups of people.

In some ways, taking part in a clinical trial is different from having regular care from one’s doctor. For example, one may have more tests and medical exams than they would otherwise.

Reasons Clinical trials are conducted:

To determine whether a new drug, medical devices and therapies are safe and effective for people to use before introducing it to market.
To provide suitable answers for some specific questions about new drugs, devices, vaccines, and therapies.
To study safe usage of treatment in a population that has never been tested before. Also, to review new processes of using known treatments.
Children are sometimes given ineffective medicines or one with unknown harmful side effects. Better and more relevant clinical trials in children are needed to increase medicines’ effects and prevent the delayed or non-use of beneficial therapies. Thus, clinical trials are conducted on adults for some child’s diseases to make sure that it’s safe. If we can test safety in adults, we then work our way down to older children and so on.
To explore ways to improve life quality through care for people with a chronic illness, disease, and syndrome.

Reasons one should participate in clinical trials:

Voluntary participation in a clinical trial contributes to research that brings new treatment one step closer to reach the ultimate goal and also benefits the participant for better treatment.
The trial helps advance the science for a disease or illness and progress other related science areas. Participation in a clinical trial helps prevent, diagnose, and cure diseases and illnesses.
Participating in a clinical trial gives early access to experimental, cutting-edge treatment options. Besides, participants will have access to a medical team that carefully monitors overall health.
Participants of all backgrounds are required for few more dominant conditions within specific populations irrespective of age, race, or gender.
Opportunity to play an active role in your healthcare and better understand your disease or condition.
To help society by contributing to medical research. Even if the participant does not directly benefit from the clinical trial, the medical data can help others and improve the trial process.

People participate voluntarily in clinical trials for various reasons and can withdraw from the trial at any time if they wish to. Healthy volunteers participate to help others and to contribute to medical science. The patients diagnosed with a particular disease or condition participate in clinical trials to better understand, manage the condition by receiving the newest treatment and additional care and attention from the clinical trial staff.

Clinical trials offer hope for many people and an opportunity to play an important role in improving overall health care for future generations.


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