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Empower Health Together

Refer friends, revolutionize healthcare – rewards for both.

Be Part of Something Bigger. Refer Now.

At myOnsite Healthcare, we believe in the power of the community to make high-quality healthcare accessible from the comfort of home. By referring your network to myOnsite, you’re not just sharing a service but spreading wellness, support, and care.

For You

  • Cash Rewards or Credits: Earn cash or account credits for every successful referral.
  • Discounts on Services: Enjoy reduced prices on future services.
  • Loyalty Points: Gain extra points, enhancing your benefits within our loyalty program.
  • Option for Charitable Contributions: Option to support a charity, extending the impact of your referral.

For Them

  • Warm Welcome Discounts: Enjoy a special discount on their first service.
  • Risk-Free Trials: Access our services with no initial commitment required.

Your Impact Through Referrals

Empower with Quality Care
Your referrals help us reach more needy individuals, offering them everything from diagnostic screenings to compassionate oncology support.

Rewards for Your Kindness
We appreciate your trust and support. Enjoy rewards, discounts, and exclusive access as our way of saying thank you.

A Personal Touch to Referrals

We’ve crafted our referral program to reflect the care and quality of our services

Tailored Rewards

Your preferences matter. Enjoy rewards that resonate with you.

Simplicity and Transparency

Sharing the gift of health has never been more accessible.

Your Voice Matters

Your feedback helps us continuously improve.

Join Our Mission

Your referrals don’t just introduce someone to a service; they extend our community of care. Together, let’s bring personalized healthcare to those in need.

Start referring today and see how you can change lives, including your own.

Contact us or visit our FAQ section for details on referring and joining our program.