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Services for Legal Professionals

Accessible Blood Collection Services at Any Designated Location for Legal Purposes


Mobile Phlebotomy Services for Legal Professionals

In the complex and demanding world of legal proceedings, the accuracy and timeliness of evidence collection are paramount. myOnsite Healthcare recognizes the critical role of biological evidence in various legal cases, from DUI/DWI cases to family and employment law. Our mobile phlebotomy service is designed to meet the unique needs of legal professionals, offering a convenient, reliable solution for collecting blood samples.

Convenience Without Compromise

Our mobile phlebotomy service eliminates the need for your clients to travel to a laboratory or medical office, significantly reducing the stress and inconvenience associated with blood draws. We come directly to your client, whether at home, office, or any location you choose, ensuring the process is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Reliability You Can Trust

Understanding the stringent legal evidence requirements, myOnsite Healthcare ensures that each sample is collected, handled, and transported following the highest chain of custody protocols standards. Our team of certified phlebotomists is extensively trained in procedures that safeguard the integrity of the samples, providing you with results that stand up to scrutiny in any legal setting.

Empowering Legal Success

With myOnsite Healthcare, attorneys and law firms gain a strategic advantage—access to fast, accurate, and court-admissible blood test results. This service enhances the ability to present compelling evidence and streamlines the case preparation process, allowing legal professionals to confidently focus on their core responsibilities.

Partner with myOnsite Healthcare

We invite law firms and legal professionals to experience the difference our specialized mobile phlebotomy service can make. By partnering with myOnsite Healthcare, you ensure that your legal evidence collection process is in the hands of experts dedicated to supporting your legal proceedings’ success with unmatched convenience and reliability.

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