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1.6 billion venipunctures are happening annually in the US, and for the most part, whenever someone needs to undergo a diagnostic test, they need to visit a testing center. This often means having to wait in long lines and getting reveal to other patients. Additionally, going to a diagnostic center may prove to be a hassle for several people, especially for the elderly, the differently-abled, pregnant women, mothers of new-born kids, bed-ridden patients, or working professionals. Some people require regular blood testing, such as cancer patients or diabetics. For such people, going to a lab or collection center is often highly inconvenient. It is here that mobile phlebotomy comes in to bridge that gap.


Advantages of mobile phlebotomy services

Convenience – People can get their blood tested from home, office, college, or any other place by a licensed phlebotomist. myOnsite eliminates the need to wait in long lines and gives you greater flexibility in scheduling your blood draws.

Group Healthcare Needs – Places such as nursing homes or care centers or self-insured corporations can schedule group diagnostic tests for all their residents or employees. Even smaller hospitals or clinics that don’t have in-house diagnostic and screening capabilities benefit from mobile phlebotomy services.

STAT Services – Doctors can order patient emergency services, where a phlebotomist can quickly collect a blood sample, and the results are sent directly to the doctor. Our STAT service is essential when closely monitoring at-risk patients.

Professional Team – We rigorously screen and hire only the best phlebotomists, who are empathetic and genuinely care for patients. Our healthcare experts are background examine, educate with an online eLearning platform, have extensive experience and know-how to get it right the first time. 

Safety – With everyone at risk of contracting Covid, minimizing exposure to others is a big part of staying healthy. By having a professional Phlebotomist who is thoroughly train and facilitate with all the necessary tools and PPE to keep you safe. You significantly reduce the risk of exposure to Covid.

Less Stressful Experience – Visiting a testing lab can be an uncomfortable experience for individual patients, especially when they are already sick. Some people, particularly young kids, have a phobia of going to the lab, and being able to have phlebotomy services from home can be an immense comfort.

Easy Payments – Mobile phlebotomy services are covered under many health insurance plans, so we can often bill your insurance directly or give you receipts to get reimbursed. Out of pocket payment option is also available.


Clinical Research – 

  • Mobile phlebotomy is a very effective solution for clinical trials. The convenience of at-home services increases patient Participant Satisfaction, and they are more likely to complete the study.  
  • Mobile phlebotomy expands geographic reach, recruitment catchment, which increases the participation of the diverse patient population.
  • We can create a protocol for each study to make sure that the sample complies.
  • Every new drug is required to undergo extensive clinical trials before it can be approved, and it continues to be a massive hurdle for every drug to move from the R&D phase to commercial deployment. What stalls the clinical trials most often is getting the volunteers to provide samples and collections on time and throughout the study consistently. According to the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development. There is a 49% dropout of traditional site trial participants. Other challenges include participants having to travel frequently to the testing site and difficulty managing trials across multiple sites. Mobile phlebotomy services can address this issue by conducting virtual tests at the volunteer’s location, eliminating the need for volunteers to go to the hospital. 


Paperless and Seamless Process for Clinical Trials

  • Online patient scheduling and follow-ups
  • Transparency of data and process 
  • Obtaining eConsent and eCRF (Case Report Form) from the patients.
  • Monitoring vital signs and collecting specimen samples. All while making it easy and convenient for the participants. 
  • Mobile phlebotomy companies with robust technology capabilities can manage multiple testing sites and provide real-time data from diverse patient populations. 
  • This broad coverage and easy patient participation could reduce the cost of conducting clinical trials.  
  • Streamlined paperless processes result in reduced costs and faster time to market for many companies.


Telehealth and laboratory testing 

As a result of the covid pandemic, many healthcare providers have moved to telehealth appointments. However, patients are still need to go to a diagnostic center for their labs and blood work. By providing a one on one scheduled appointment with a professional phlebotomist. Patients can now realize the full benefits of telehealth. 


About myOnsite :

myOnsite Healthcare is a fully conduct end-to-end mobile phlebotomy/specimen collection and laboratory services company. myOnsite is back by a proprietary cloud-base IT platform that enables a paperless workflow from orders to results. We have earned a sterling reputation for high-quality service and patient-centered care with a 99+% customer satisfaction rating.

myOnsite makes specimen collection convenient. From individual homebound patients to large corporations requiring specimen management for tens of thousands of collections across the country. Our services provide safety for patients who find it hard to travel or are immune-compromised and those who would prefer to have a private healthcare setting or have time constraints.

With dedicated success managers who oversee the entire patient experience, including phone calls to confirm each appointment. We deliver a superior patient experience.

myOnsite Healthcare also offers optional laboratory services. In addition to our own CLIA certified lab, we work with a network of partner laboratories across the nation. Providing coverage throughout the country. We also offer event screening services and can manage the process from end to end.

myOnsite Healthcare has a team of highly qualified professionals in clinical diagnostics, biosciences, and clinical research. These teams manage all clinical research industry services, including mobile specimen collection, Sample processing, patient enrollment assistance, eConsent, and eCRF customizations and lab testing. myOnsite Healthcare provides services for all types of Clinical Research trials, including Pharma, In Vitro Diagnostics, Medical Devices, or epidemiology / Patient population studies. We bring clinical research home, enabling convenience and increasing patient satisfaction and retention.


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