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Phlebotomist Earnings

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How much can mobile phlebotomists make?

The money you make using the myWork app depends on when, where, and how often you are able to service clients. Find out how your fares are calculated and learn about promotions, which can help increase your earnings.

How earnings are calculated

You might be wondering how much you can make as a mobile phlebotomist using the myWork app. The following factors help determine the amount you earn for each client visit.

Standard client visit fare

Earn a base amount per client visit plus additional amounts for commuting, number of test and per blood draw. Rates are subject to vary by city.

Surge - Is this applicable?

Check the heat map in your app to find out when and where rider demand is high, so you can earn more on top of your standard fare.

Other types of earnings

Meeting with multiple clients per day will open up additional earnings with myWork.

Service fee

This fee helps fund things like myWork app development and customer support.


In most instances, you’ll receive a cancellation fee if a client cancels a request.

Promotions and how they work

myWork in-app promotions based on where the app expects the most mobile phlebotomy requests in your area help you plan ahead and set goals to maximize earnings. Not all promotions are available to all providers.

Reach a set number of clients

Earn extra money if you meet with a set number of clients in a certain amount of time when the offer is available.

Work during busy times

Get paid extra for work in certain areas at busy times.

Getting ahead with the app

The app has powerful features to help you make the most of your time as a mobile phlebotomist. From tracking trends to informing you of earning opportunities nearby, the app is your tool.

Take a quick tour of the myWork app

Interested in learning more? You have a go-to resource filled with tips from other mobile phlebotomists and informative videos to support you while working with MOH.

Top question

Where can I see my order earnings?

You can see your earning summaries in the myWork app. Tap the fare icon on your map screen, then swipe right and left to see your earnings.

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