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All the healthcare services across the globe are designed to keep patient safety in mind. It is critical and necessary to educate the patients before any blood draw visit. It is also equally important to make the patient comfortable and well aware of the procedures to be conducted during a home blood draw visit. 

I do not want to get the Blood Draw Done inside my Home, Can we get the Blood draw done in the corridor or at the Car park?

During the pandemic, many patients had concerns over the safety and risk of infections. A lot of requests were being made by the patients to get the blood draw done outside the premises of the participant’s home. The question is valid and hence healthcare workers have developed some best practices to ensure all the sample collections are conducted with proper WHO guidelines.

Best Practice: 

Although the majority of the population is vaccinated, it is better for the phlebotomist as well as the patient to ensure they wear the masks. The phlebotomist must wear a full PPE kit and ensure proper sanitization practices are followed. It is also a best practice to ask the patient or their coordinator a pre-screened question such as if the patient has been diagnosed with Covid positive kit. It is also important for the patient to ensure that proper permissions are being taken for the society or the apartments to ensure the samples can be collected in the surrounding premises of the home. 

Is it safe to do the Blood Processing at Home?

This question is often seen in Clinical Research when you have a complex protocol to deal with in which blood processing needs to be done within 30 minutes of sample collection. Often participants have concerns about centrifugation and aliquoting of samples. As long as proper sterility and equipment are maintained and a separate space is provided, it is absolutely safe to do the same. This will ensure the protocol has been adhered to. 

Best Practice:

Provide a corner space away from the reach of the children for the phlebotomist to conduct the work. The phlebotomist should ensure that proper gloves are used and a glove box is used for aliquoting staples to ensure a sterile environment. The phlebotomist MUST clean the entire work area and disinfect the place before leaving the participant’s place.

myOnsite provides end-to-end mobile phlebotomy services and ensures all the best practice guidelines are being followed. After all, patient safety and cooperation will ensure timely collection, diagnosis, and results. As a best practice, myOnsite Healthcare has automated the mobile phlebotomy scheduling, sample collections, and delivery tracking process through the state-of-the-art portal. We also ensure that our phlebotomist calls the patient or patient’s family the day before to introduce themselves, ask for any prescreen questionnaire, and confirm the time of the appointment the day before. 

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