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myOnsite Healthcare (MOH) is thrilled to announce the launch of myWork – Phlebotomist App:

myOnsite Healthcare (MOH) is excited to announce the launch of myWork- the myOnsite mobile application that connects mobile phlebotomists with clients in need of healthcare services across the nation. MOH is dedicated to the development and integration of mobile healthcare services that benefit all types of patients leading to optimized healthcare access.

myWork was designed for the mobile phlebotomist by one of the leading mobile phlebotomy companies with the idea to streamline services thereby enabling convenience, scheduling and reach capacity. myWork allows mobile phlebotomists to provide much needed services on their own schedule with more flexibility, freedom, and money. With myWork, phlebotomists can choose when and where* they want to work based on available client service requests.

The myWork app conveniently has all you need to sign up, schedule clients and get paid in one location. myWork is equipped with a document management system, appointment calendar, location services, notification features, service checklists, laboratory requisition and label printouts, and end-to-end logistics from sample pick up and delivery. Only a few requirements are needed to get started. To learn more about the myWork app and how you can join our mobile team visit our career page online located at https://stagingweb.myonsitehealthcare.com/ or contact us directly at info@myonsitehealthcare.com.