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myOnsite Healthcare provides a multitude of ancillary services that create added value to healthcare organizations. Ancillary care is one of the fastest growing sectors in healthcare. Rising healthcare costs add a burden on providers who are frequently tasked with finding cost-effective alternatives to outpatient hospital and physician services. With myOnsite, providers can select which services are needed. Patients can schedule the appointment at their convenience and myOnsite takes care of everything in between.

myOnsite services include:

  • Venipuncture blood extraction
  • Capillary (Fingerstick) draws for PT/INR with instant results
  • In/Out Catheterization for Urine collection
  • TB/PPD Testing
  • Wound, nasal, and other swabs for cultures
  • Urine, stool, sputum, and other bodily fluid specimen collection
  • Vaccinations (*)
  • Peak and Trough draws for therapeutic medication level monitoring
  • Assistance with PICC Line and specimen delivery to the lab
  • Specialty and Send-out assay kits
  • TeleHealth
  • Medication Management
  • Transition Care

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myOnSite has an extensive network of patient care specialists that can be assembled to assist in ancillary services. Please Contact Us to discuss our mobile phlebotomy strategies.

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