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myOnsite Healthcare provides the best quality of care and advanced oversight when it comes to mobile phlebotomy services. Our expertise extends past traditional blood draws and aims to provide integrative services to meet all your needs in a variety of settings.

Guaranteed Services at Your Doorstep

myOnsite offers fully automated and supervised mobile phlebotomy/specimen collection and laboratory services. We stand behind our commitment to provide quality services from our experienced and diligent staff.

myOnsite strives to maintain the highest specimen standards in the diagnostics industry. We support this with a quality guarantee and will recollect patient samples at no additional cost if needed.

myOnsite has a network of laboratories, service centers, and hundreds of skilled phlebotomists in 22 states across the nation. We are in the process of rapid expansion across the United States and intend to cover all the 50 states by Q1 2021.

Certified and Experienced Specialists

myOnsite patient care specialists are extensively screened to ensure the highest quality of care for our clients. Specialists undergo a safety and background check, performance assessments and structured training.

The myOnsite Healthcare team includes highly qualified and certified professionals in clinical diagnostics, biosciences, and clinical research, ensuring patient safety and comfort.

myOnsite also employs dedicated project managers who oversee the entire patient experience. Repeat blood draws can be scheduled with the same patient care specialist to ensure consistency and comfort.

myOnsite has a 99% customer satisfaction record.

Clinical Research Integration

myOnsite supports clinical trials initiatives by leveraging our expertise and a team of highly qualified professionals in clinical diagnostics, biosciences, and clinical research.

myOnsite fully manages biospecimen collection services for clinical trials including all lab testing requirements, mobile specimen collection and sample processing.

In addition, we offer automated patient enrollment assistance, eConsent, and eCRF customizations across 22 states. 

Advanced Technology-Driven Solutions

myOnsite services are backed by a proprietary cloud-based IT platform that enables a paperless workflow from the time of order placement to the results.

Clients are provided with free access to an electronic (HL7) interface. This connectivity allows results to be sent in real-time from any laboratory provider, eliminates the need to print or fax orders, and provides physician/clinic electronic medical record integration.

Clients also have access to the myOnsite web portal to manage orders, schedule appointments and check real time updates.

Affordable Pricing

myOnsite is capable of billing Medicare directly for our services. This allows us to provide our services at no additional cost to the patient or the ordering clinic.

For those individuals without Medicare as their insurance provider, we offer our services at affordable pricing. 

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